current work

  • Interaction design within food traceability systems
  • DIY Infrastructure including sanitation, telecom & logistics
  • Speculative design and the Internet of Things
  • Lecturer in the School of Art and College of Architecture at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where I bring digital media studies, user experience design, creative coding, and hardware prototyping to undergraduate media production classes


  • PhD in Digital Media from Georgia Tech, where I worked with the Public Design Workshop, under grants from the National Science Foundation and The Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing
  • Assistant Prof of Design at Georgia State University, Adjunct at Parsons School of Design and The Art Institute of Atlanta
  • Director of Operations for Reconstruction Report, a project of the Design Trust for Public Space facilitating public input into the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan after 9/11
  • MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design
  • Visual and interaction designer

selected publications, presentations, and exhibitions

Fresh Paradoxes in Food Data
Communication Design. Volume 3, Issue 2

Time-based Visualizations of Local Particulate Matter Data
Downtown Gallery
Knoxville, March 4-26, 2016

Informal Transit and DIY Infrastructure
The International Journal of Design In Society. Volume 10, Issue 2

Adaptive Irritation
Justifiable Versions of Events: Jan Van Eyck Academy Alumni Association
Berlin, 2014

From Server Farm to Table
The Atlantic

Making Public Things: How HCI Design Can Express Matters of Concern
w/ Carl DiSalvo, Thomas Lodato, Tom Jenkins and Tanyoung Kim
ACM Conference on Human Factors In Computing Systems
Toronto, 2014, Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award

DIY Urban Telecom
Symposium on Urban Informatics: Exploring Smarter Cities
Philadelphia, 2013

DIY Infrastructure and the Scope of Design Practice
Design Issues. Volume 29, Issue 3

full cv available on request